The Coconuts Have Spoken!

Bring Her Back They Say!​

Maxwell’s Road famed Madam Tan’s Nasi Lemak is back to satisfy your gastro-wanderlust

Savour the sorely-missed flavours of her twice steamed nasi lemak, rendang, crispy magic

Indulge in her signature sambals, decadent treats and more...

Available Every Weekend (Thur to Sunday) from 11 June to 9 Aug 2020

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Journey to Lemak Greatness


Toiling the Soil: Nothing Beats Freshness

We have been digging deep into our soil to discover the amazing array of produce that our little tropical backyard can offer. Roselle, Lemongrass, Blue Pea Flowers, Turmeric, Kaffir Lime, Kalamansi, Eggplant, Rainbow Chili Padi, Thai Basil & more.. 

Getting to Zero Waste & Closing the Loop

In our journey to produce less waste, we have been creating new dishes and condiments that are both delicious AND reduce our carbon footprint.. such as using only egg yolks in the production of our very rich and decadent kaya, the egg whites are then used to create the Kalamansi Lime Angel Food Cake - using the pulp of the kalamansi limes harvested from our gardens. Composting our food waste to fertilise our gardens, giving the best nutrition to the soil while minimising our waste.

(+65)  6906 7547

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