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By Will Meyrick


From 15 - 17 November, Gastrogig celebrates Asian Street Food with Will Meyrick, celebrity chef and owner of acclaimed Balinese Restaurants, Sarong and Mama San. While foodies in Singapore are certainly no strangers to Asian cuisine, few have had the opportunity to try truly authentic recipes from countries like Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia, simply because these dishes are typically not served in restaurants and hotels; the most traditional and authentic recipes coming from villages and rural areas which are not always accessible even for the adventurous foodie.



Strange as it may seem for a Scotsman to be mentioned in the same breath as authentic Asian cuisine, Chef Will Meyrick has had a love affair with south-east Asia ever since he began exploring the region in 1999. Popularly known as a traveller and street food aficionado, Chef Will Meyrick frequently scours back streets and alleys for local dishes, going as far as to hunker down in the kitchens of local families to pick up recipes that have been handed down for generations. Dissecting, developing and refining these recipes for over a decade, Will Meyrick has truly carved a niche for himself as a street food chef. Guests will enjoy not only a side of Asian food they have never seen, but also the many stories of adventures and mishaps Will has accumulated on his travels - the culmination of which is a book he recently released called  “Inspirations of Sarong”.

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