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By Peeter Pihel


From 22 – 24 November, Gastrogig moves from the familiar to the exotic, introducing foodies to cuisine from the Nordic islands with celebrity chef Peeter Pihel who cooks in the award-winning Padaste Manor hotel on the Baltic Sea island of Muhu. Peter is one of Europe’s 12 avant-garde chefs ('Der Feinschmecker') and was awarded the title of Estonia’s Best Chef for three consecutive years from 2008 – 2011 (Estonian Chefs Association). 



Nordic Islands cuisine offers tastes which gain their character from produce, techniques and recipes guided by terroir and creatively inspired by Mother Nature. Kitchens across the Nordic Islands often use wild and seasonal ingredients to bring out unique flavours that bring to mind, images of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.


Descendent from generations of islanders, Peeter Pihel spent much of his life living on various islands in the Baltic region and just like many islanders, has always been eager to explore and discover. His accumulated experiences on many of the small Estonian and Nordic islands have blended into a very unique style of cooking. Guests can look forward to enjoying the amazing culinary creations of one of the world's most original and exciting chefs of the moments, who once made culinary headlines for making ice cream from Christmas tree needles.




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