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Secret Pop-ups and Chef's Table Experiences 


Challenge your perceptions and fill your senses with the unexpected as we take you on epicurean journeys to a series of unconventional and sometimes unheard of locations. Or relish in a Chef’s Table Experience, and engage with food and immerse in its history, culture, philosophy, emotion and aspiration. It is in this spirit that we craft culinary adventures for our clients and guests. Be inspired by our chefs’ stories as we get up close and personal with these gastronomic geniuses.

Ownself Make Chef

Ownselfmake Dining Experience

Ownselfmake Chef is a private dining experience hosted by Chef Shen Tan where you will enjoy Singapore inspired menus which mix and meld various culinary influences. Many elements of the food are hand made, hence the moniker Ownselfmake Chef. This creative streak led her to start Ownselfmake Chef with menus that explore specific themes based on a certain protein – ie aPORKalypse, What The Duck, Sinfully Seafood moving on to other themes exploring culinary ideas of umami (Sweet Surrender) or Spice (Spice Shenanigans).

To book: Email with your preferred date, number of pax and contact number. 

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