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Jimmy Chok

Who inspires you to create your masterpieces in the kitchen?

Not Who But Things Around Me, I See Thing To Get Inspired

What experiences, countries or food trends have been most influential to your cooking?

Because Of Being Self Taught, I Learn From Everywhere. My Time At Raffles Hotel Expose Me To Many Star Chefs And That Open My Eyes Quite A Bit.

I Watch A Lot Of Food Related Program, Read Magazine, Surf The Net. France Use To Be The Country Than Follow By Spain And Now I Look At Usa.

What dish are you most proud of, would you consider your signature dish?

I Havent Depend On Signature Dishes As I Believe Food Should Revolve, But I Love All My Braise Meat Dishes

What's a favourite newly discovered ingredient(s), tool or techniques you have been using?

Slow Cooking For Meat. I Use It For All Meat Dishes For My Events.

It Keep Meat More Moist, Tender, More Flavour And Minimise Wastage

What ingredients should every home have in the cupboard/refrigerator?salt, pepper, butter, chili!


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