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Nicolas Joanny

Who inspires you to create your masterpieces in the kitchen?

Regular guests, to have them eating in front of the kitchen is an extra motivation, we will be nothing without them..

What experiences, countries or food trends have been most influential to your cooking?

My parent's home cooking, my formers chefs, France/Italy/Japan culture and natural food.

What dish are you most proud of, would you consider your signature dish?

Well! Any great fresh ingredients inspire us, I love Sea food and Pigeons. Over the year Langoustine and Brittany pigeon has been our '' signatures' dishes.

What’s a favourite newly discovered ingredient(s), tool or techniques you have been using?

I am very classic with much fancy tools in my kitchen.. The latest ingredient that's excited me, well, wild Japanese river eel...amazing texture and flavor. Hard to cook, it require a certain technique.

What ingredients should every home have in the cupboard/refrigerator?

Fresh eggs and Chili, from there everything is possible

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