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Stephan Zoisl

Who inspires you to create your masterpieces in the kitchen?

Main person that inspired me to get into the kitchen was my father, who is still in the kitchen nowadays & still sweats everyday behind the stove ;)

when it comes to the food nowadays, i can be inspired by a lot (music / artists / fellow chefs / daily happenings in the kitchen, self-talk ;) ,.........)

What experiences, countries or food trends have been most influential to your cooking?

Experiences are mainly based on my travels & leisures on the road / countries i will be always most impressed by the Japan and their impressive dedication / food trends - something i don't really care or look after, trends are not really interesting to me - i rather see my own cuisine to develop.

What dish are you most proud of, would you consider your signature dish?

Ionly have 1 dish that moves with me since a few years - called "Chocolate Test", a dessert that's based on 5-6 different cocoa percentages as well textures. The dish evolved from year to year and will most likely always be in my reportoire but still will change. I don't like to keep signature dishes.

What’s a favourite newly discovered ingredient(s), tool or techniques you have been using?

Ingredients: not really newly discovered but still on the list "Oyster leaves" - as it's an incredible produce & a gift of mother nature.

techniques - fermentation and slow cooking to be one of my favourite / tool: the pressure cooker!

What ingredients should every home have in the cupboard/refrigerator?

Burrata cheese / a good cut of beef / Extra Virgin olive oil / salad (preferable rucola or romaine hearts) / sparkling water / artisan cheese & cold cuts / Good bread based on sourdough / BUTTER! / Beer & Wine

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