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People used to say "Don't trust a skinny chef.", these days however, a chef without tattoos may be the one in question. Just take a look into any gourmet kitchen and you're likely to find the head chef with a full sleeve of tattoos as elaborately inked as his elegantly plated cuisine. Most chefs are expressive in the dishes they create, and sometimes these culinary artists are simply hungry for more creative canvasses.


Challenging the stereotype that tattoos belong on misfits, LeVeL33’s Jimi Tegerdine, Culina Global Utama’s Raj Abat and Bali-based James Tombleson, will proudly show off their chops at a Rock and Roll Cook-Off in downtown Singapore. 



Dubbed "Beyond Skin Deep, the event is Gastrogig's fifth instalment and explores the fast growing trend of chefs wearing tattoos as an expression of their personal style and creativity.  With more and more chefs achieving rock star levels of fame these days, it seems only fitting that they look the part; and if tattoos are any indication of awesomeness, then Jimi, Raj and James will definitely bring down the house. Boasting full sleeves of tattoos inspired by their food and cooking, the trio will be whipping up a four course craft beer pairing dinner which promises to be every bit as creative as their body art.


A one night only event, limited to 200 guests, "Beyond Skin Deep" satisfies three great passions: food, beer and music. Dinner will feature each chef presenting his specialty dish to the beat of his favourite rock hits and will run from seven in the evening all the way till midnight, when in true rock concert fashion, the chefs will present the Grand Finale - a surprise we will not spoil for you. Guests will enjoy the wild and fun atmosphere of a rock concert all while feasting their eyes, ears and stomachs in this celebration of individuality and creativity.


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