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Hokkaido Octopus

soft and tender octopus grilled to perfection, heirloom vine tomato, charred red pepper vinaigrette

Duck confit and leek ash crêpe

tender cooked duck leg confit rolled into a black leek ash crêpe

Black truffle cone

black truffle paste, charcoal cone, black soil

Squid Pearls

squid-infused pearls, blackened lobster bisque panna cotta


Black and red

black macaron with raspberry ganache

Red and black

red chocolate praline with black sesame ganache

Bespoke Canapés

Panthère de Cartier

Using an angular approach as a recurring theme, every canapé was presented with a perception of depth and layers.

corporate dinner

HSBC A Timeless Legacy

Hailing from four generations of TCM practitioners, we worked with celebrity chef Pam Pichaya Utharntharm of 1-Michelin star Restaurant POTONG, incorporating her family's legacy of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs and ingredients into the canapés and dinner menus.


Blue Crab

blue crab, mud crab roe emulsion, black pepper jam, Thai-Chinese bread

fish maw

fish maw, scallop, chrysanthemum, white pepper, caviar

Charsiu Kurobuta Pork Ribs

charsiu kurobuta pork ribs, POTONG spices, perilla seeds, pickled bok choy, trinity rice


Roselle gâteau

Roselle gâteau, white chocolate, Chiang Rai coffee mousse


Amberjack & Southeast Asian Flavours

Japanese amberjack sashimi, white coconut 'curry' creme, rice crisps, chives oil

Atlantic Cod

Atlantic cod fish, potato brandade, saffron sauce, shiso tempura crisp

Wagyu beef

roast wagyu beef flank, caramelised onion creme, charred segment of whole baked banana shallot, leek ash


Chocolate & Mango

chocolate gateau, milk chocolate chantilly, 85% dark chocolate ganache, mango coulis, mango sorbet

Sit-down Dinner

yayoi x niki de saint phalle

Each dish's flavours and plating was inspired by a respective artwork in mind.

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Panthère de cartier

Cartier launched its new Santos de Cartier watch in San Francisco with a 'Bold and Fearless' night that overlooked the city's skyline. The celebration in Singapore highlighted the same black and red colour palette synonymous with the Bold and Fearless theme.

Crafted to resemble the intricate interior of an ornate Panthère watch, unique plating and customised canapés encapsulated the textural look and feel of the collection. As a recurring theme, every canapé was presented with an angular approach to bring out the perception of depth and layers.

I know I can always count on the Gastrogig team. The unique plating received many compliments from our guests.

Yayoi x Niki de Saint phalle

In conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2023, Opera Gallery was proud to present A New World: an exhibition featuring iconic works by Yayoi Kusama and Niki de Saint Phalle. Born just a year apart, they both find commonality through their use of bold colours and ideas, despite the geographies and histories separating them. They echo each other through their artistic processes, similar in their finalities: liberation through creation – a cathartic transfiguration of pain into colourful and bring shapes.

Taking inspiration from these art greats, each dish's flavours and plating was inspired by a respective artwork in mind. We imagined how the artwork will taste like through our 4-course tasting menu.

Funan Tree of Life

The Tree of Life was used to create a sense of creative movement and collusion using a canvas of watercolour, wooden disposable chopsticks and cable ties. Symbolically, it functions as the source of life to enliven Funan through fostering creativity and curiosity, and to convey both a sense of creative movement and collision.

The installation aligned with Funan's new design and branding concept – Creative Intersection. The deliberate lack of precision in the cut wood and visibility of the cable ties represent how accomplishing artistry is always a work-in-progress. The leaves of the tree serve not just as a natural accompaniment to the subject but also as serving dishes for a scintillating blend of Asian cuisines.


Soul of Portugal

A legacy of its maritime explorations during the age of discovery, much of Portuguese cuisine is heavily influenced by herbs and spices from across the globe. Among the first to experiment with the culinary bounties of the new world, Portugal was constantly inventing and reinventing her cuisine.

In the spirit of progressive gastronomy, a unique collaboration with 2-Michelin star chef Henrique Sá Pessoa presented a tasting and pairing menu that took guests on a journey through the evolution of Portuguese cuisine and ultimately, to the soul of Portugal.

Tudor Ranger

In 2022, Tudor marked the 70th anniversary of the British North Greenland Expedition.

The British North Greenland Expedition represented a seminal moment for TUDOR and its tool watches. In fact, this was one of the very first long-term tests, under real-world extreme conditions, implemented by the brand. Capturing the essence of achieving precision in daunting environments and climates, and reflecting the cold and harsh beauty of the Antartica, we created a palate of canapés to transport our guests to experience a taste of the Antartica.